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Life can be full of uncanny sensations or unpleasant feelings. These feelings sometimes become unbearable and overwhelming, making each day a challenge. There are many different potential causes for our distress. Sometimes they can stem from confusion over choices we are forced to make, or from the questions that arise when we think about who we are, or what we want. Our suffering can manifest in a number of ways.

As clinical conditions:

  •  Anxiety and Depression
  •  Mood swing
  •  Eating problem
  •  Sexual or Relationship difficulties
  •  Self-esteem or Identity issues
  •  Insomnia or Sleeping problems
  •  Bereavement

As distressing feelings:

  •  Stress, Panic
  •  Boredom, Agitation
  •  Fear, Anger
  •  Confusion, Helplessness
  •  Shyness, Embarrassment
  •  Guilt, Jealousy, Envy
  •  Sadness, Grief

Finding a safe, welcoming space to address a painful or peculiar experience in life can be challenging. When we ask for help, we have already made a choice to pursue a change. If you have made this choice, psychoanalysis can be one possible route to understanding the cause of your problem, while also offering effective treatment. Psychoanalysis is an open-ended treatment and can be either short or long-term.